NO all'apicoltura NOMADE. Acquistate mieli del posto
It makes me laugh and sometimes I would really like to counter some posts in which I read about beekeepers who boast of doing nomadism because on the hot and arid days of our area, particularly Salento, the bees suffer from our arid and dry climate and therefore justify nomadic practices as an indispensable practice which benefits bees greatly... To you who write this, I would like to ask you instead:
Why bring bees to such great distances from their home range where they usually live? Our bees always produce in excess of what is really needed for the survival of the hive... 10 - 15 kg of honey per year would be enough, so what's the point of making so much honey if they need so little to survive? Is putting so many hives on trucks, closing them for hours and hours and tossing them here and there something natural and pleasant for the bees? Have you ever heard of local bee ecotypes and genetic pollution? I think instead that the idea of ​​bringing bees far and away, kilometers and kilometers away, only hides the beekeeper's unbridled desire to make more and more monofloral honey for sale. To you consumers, I say avoid buying monoflora honey but only buy local wildflower honey from your local beekeeper, also because it is the only one that benefits human health.
I can guarantee you that wildflower honey made following organic regulations is a product that has nothing to envy of the many monofloral honeys on the market. If you are in the area, call me, I will be happy to let you taste the real honey for free.
Only in this way can we contribute in our small way to helping biodiversity.