From the first day we decided to start this adventure, our goal was to provide the customer with a top quality product and to achieve this important result we decided to bring agriculture back to its origins. What do we mean by origins?

We asked ourselves some questions, but how did our ancestors manage their land without the help of chemistry? Is it still possible to adopt a sustainable agriculture model today?

A few years after starting the company, we still haven't been able to give ourselves an answer, as every year we face so many problems. We are trying, we believe that each of us in our own small way must contribute to leaving something to the new generations. We have also undertaken educational courses with early childhood schools in an immediate attempt to raise children's awareness of a future different from the one we have inherited. Our hope is children, because new generations will be born from them.

Our beekeeping is carried out completely naturally, our land is fertilized with organic products, the almonds are grown without the aid of treatments, for our olive groves we only use products permitted in organic farming.

After what has been said, we have joined the large SLOW FOOD community, as our principles marry with it.

Our company is part of the ALTO SALENTO convivium, and we are proud and happy to be part of this big family.

Good, Clean and Fair.