4 FAMILY PACKS - Extra virgin olive oil in Bag in Box LA GIARA - 3 LITERS

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In conversion to organic farming, extra virgin olive oil produced in Puglia on the Brindisi hill in the Alto Salento area. Superior quality oil, cold extracted using mechanical processes. With a medium, clear fruity flavour, yellow to green in colour, obtained exclusively from the Cima di Melfi, Coratina, Frantoiana and Leccino varieties. Within 12 hours of harvesting, the olives are pressed and processed to preserve the quality of the oil itself.

Organoleptic Analysis: delicate, with light balanced spicy and bitter sensations

Recommended pairings: with delicate dishes such as boiled fish, dairy products, sauces, raw meat carpaccio.

Olive growing campaign: 2023/2024

Production place: Carovigno (BR)

Harvest time and method: From the second ten days of October to the first ten days of November

Mechanical harvesting with pneumatic harvesters.

Intensity: Light fruity

Extraction: Continuous cycle, cold pressing within six hours of harvesting.

The BAG IN BOX packaging is a practical and lightweight solution, made up of recycled materials through a practical dispenser that prevents air from entering. This wrapping keeps the freshness and properties of the product unaltered.

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