CERAPIS - Extra virgin olive oil MONOCULTIVAR OGLIAROLA SALENTINA - Bag in Box 3 Liters

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Obtained exclusively from centuries-old trees of Ogliarola Salentina. On the nose it is characterized by evident hints of mown grass and tomato leaf. The taste is harmonious and fluid, with notes of rural herbs and chicory. It expresses a light bitterness and spiciness with good persistence.

Recommended pairings: Ideal for pasta dishes, risottos, bruschettas and friselle, white meats, grilled or boiled vegetables, salads. It is suitable for the preparation of ice cream.

Ogliarola Salentina is the most widespread native variety in Salento . It has a small drupe which at the time of harvest takes on a green-golden color before turning purple. It is known for giving good yields.
The extra virgin olive oil obtained is of excellent quality, versatile in combinations and able to satisfy the tastes and needs of the whole family.

Olive growing campaign: 2023/2024

Production place: Carovigno (BR) In the Plain of Monumental Olive Trees

Harvest time and method: From the first to the second ten days of October

Mechanical harvesting with pneumatic harvesters.

Intensity: Medium fruity

Extraction: Continuous cycle, cold pressing within six hours of harvesting.

The BAG IN BOX packaging is a practical and lightweight solution, made up of recycled materials through a practical dispenser that prevents air from entering. This wrapping keeps the freshness and properties of the product unaltered.

Our Cerapis Monocultivar Ogliarola Salentina is the Slow Food Presidium oil. But what are Slow Food Presidia?

They are Slow Food communities who work every day to save native breeds, varieties of vegetables and fruit, breads, cheeses, cured meats, traditional sweets... from extinction. They are committed to passing down production techniques and crafts. They take care of the environment. They enhance landscapes, territories, cultures. Italian olive growing, that immense heritage of olive trees, farmers and mill workers that populates the Italian peninsula up to the southernmost islands, is experiencing a moment of extreme suffering. A crisis linked to the process of industrialization of cultivation itself - with the creation of new mechanizable plants and increasingly technological processes - which has made excellent oils uncompetitive. The heritage of centuries-old or thousand-year-old trees spread throughout the peninsula contributes to making the production of Italian extra virgin olive oil even more challenging and expensive. Thus the market, oriented towards the lowest price, rewards poor quality oils. This is why Slow Food has created a national Presidium that promotes the environmental, landscape, health and economic value of Italian extra virgin olive oil. A project of a national nature because producers of extra virgin olive oil face the same critical issues throughout Italy, in the different production areas.

To find out more about slow food products, click here.

CURIOSITY: The name CERAPIS was born to pay homage to the Goddess Ceres, mother of the earth and fertility and our bees who every year collect pollen from our olive groves, a fundamental ingredient for the development of the brood inside the hive. Olive groves do not need bees for pollination, in fact olive trees are plants that exploit the wind to fertilize their flowers, but from analyzes carried out every year, we always find a large quantity of olive pollen in our honey. Bees are greedy for olive pollen.

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